“Here we believe that rhythm is the most important factor to bring the soul of every story. Being them still or motion, any image has it’s on rhythm.”


Created by the Brazilian Cinematographer Arlei Lima, “HOS”has a visual approach inspired by the great movements  of cinema history, as Neorealism, Nouvelle Vague, Dziga Vertov and Film Noir, applied to the new medias and demands.

Arlei had his first direct contacts with the audiovisual world, through skateboarding, in 2004. In 2008 studied for the first time in the documentary school Projeto Olho Vivo, in Curitiba, Brasil. But was at the Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires (2010-2013), where he discovered the diversity of audiovisual and it’s distinguish formats of production, while studying Cinematography.

Along this over ten years of experience working and studying film, video and photography, Arlei has experienced part-time and full-time jobs as cook, making natural the union of both experiences after finishing the University in 2013, when the first steps into the hospitality media services started.

HOS CREATIVE STUDIO seeks for telling stories preserving the unique characteristics of each subject, making use of specific formats, from documentaries to advertisement video teasers.

We see food as the connecting point os all the diversity surrounding us, and the creative use of visual story telling gives us the freedom to explore and point those connections.